Residential Home Security

Residential Energy Management


  • DOOR CONTACTS (Door Contacts are the first line of defense against intruders for your home. Whether you have a door, window, gate, or safe, we can secure any of them with our reliable security contacts. )
  • MOTION DETECTORS (Motion detectors will detect intruders in your home. These high tech devices can distinguish between a person and an animal. We offer detectors in many sizes and ranges based on the application. Whether you are protecting your house, garage, barn, or storage we have the best devices for you.)
  • GLASS BREAK DETECTORS (Glass Break Detector is a device that is monitored to detect if a pane of glass is shattered or broken. You can locate them near any window or glass door in your house just let us know where you’d like them and we can make it happen.)
  • ASSET PROTECTION (A security solution that is designed to protect specific assets in your home or garage. Typically these assets are considered to be high in value and have a higher chance of theft.)
  • FIRE DETECTION (Fire Detection can be installed in several different ways specific to your home. Having an efficient and effective fire protection system will protect your home from damages due to fires.)
  • CARBON MONOXIDE (Carbon Monoxide Detector is a device that identifies the presence of carbon monoxide gas that can protect your family from the harmful side effects or death also known as the “silent killer” as you cannot see, taste, or smell carbon monoxide. This device can measure the levels of CO and once it reaches the harmful level, an alarm will sound.)
  • WATER DETECTION (Flooding can cost thousands of dollars in damages to your home which is the top insurance claims in the U.S. With a Water Detector, you can monitor the slightest amount of moisture to protect your home.)
  • TEMPERATURE DETECTION (Thermostats can be integrated with your alarm system so that you can remotely control your homes A/C unit to save money and to be more comfortable.)
  • HOLD UP / PANIC (A Hold Up/Panic Button is placed in a designated spot in your home that will alert the panel that there is trouble. The alarm monitoring company will receive this signal and call the designated call list that you set up initially whether it is family members, police, ambulance, or a specific individual. These buttons are concealed and can be located anywhere in your home.)
  • SIRENS / SOUNDERS (Horns and sirens are tone generators that send an audible signal when alarmed that alerts you and your family. Alarm Sounders clearly indicate to trespassers that your home is protected.)