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  • PULL STATIONS (Pull Stations are fire protection devices that are typically found mounted on the wall of buildings. When they are activated, an alarm will sound through the fire system alerting the designated authorities and the people in the building to evacuate due to fire.)
  • SMOKE DETECTORS (PHOTO/ION) (Smoke Detectors are another form of a fire protection device that senses the presence of smoke in an area indicating a fire.)
  • DUCT SMOKE DETECTORS (Duct Smoke Detectors are used to sense the presence of smoke in HVAC units. If smoke is detected, it shuts the HVAC unit down to prevent smoke blowing in different rooms.)
  • SMOKE BEAM DETECTORS (Some Beam Detectors are used to sense the presence of smoke through a projected beam of light across large open areas. Typically these detectors are used in churches, warehouses, and any buildings with large spaces.)
  • WATERFLOW, TAMPER MONITORING (Monitor your buildings Sprinkler system by connecting waterflows and tampers to your Fire Alarm System.
  • HORN/STROBES (Horn/Strobes will notify your building’s occupants that a fire has been detected. This will allow your most valuable assets to escape without harm.)
  • SPEAKER/STROBES (Have a high rise building? Speaker/Strobes are used on Voice Evac Systems to give detailed instructions to your occupants to make sure that they escape without harm.)
  • DOOR HOLDERS (A Door Holder is a fire protection device that releases a door once fire is detected through the fire system. Door Holders use a magnet to hold the doors open until it is activated to release when there is fire detected. This helps contain the fire areas in buildings.)